Questions raised by Marvel’s new fashion line

We're a little confused by the comics giant's move into high-class clothing...


Ever wanted to dress as a superhero but without looking or feeling like one in any way? Then superhero comics publisher Marvel has the clothing line for you.


Marvel have teamed up with men’s fashion site Five Four Club to create a line of clothes that are described as “elevated and confident men’s apparel capsule collections that bring together Marvel’s iconic legacy, Super Hero characters and storytelling with fashion-forward innovation”.

In other words, you can dress like Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark when he’s Regular Man rather than Iron Man – surely the dream for every budding weapons-dealer and heart patient.

But we still have one or two queries about the new look for the fashion-conscious and nerdy…

Why can’t you dress as Spider-Man?

Sadly, Marvel don’t seem keen to manufacture the high-end all-in-one Spidey suit the market is crying out for – but on the plus side, their suits aren’t all business…

Can the clothes be used to evade rival spies?

It sure looks like they can – if they’re looking for a guy in a checkered shirt, they’ll NEVER find a guy in a different checkered shirt. Or wearing a hood.

Why CAN’T you dress as Spider-Man?

I mean, what are they afraid of? Their customers having too much joy in their lives? Although I suppose this is a line for grown-ups. Grown-ups who like zips.

Actually, do these outfits have enough zips?

They could probably use a couple more, now we think about it.

Do they come with combat-ready/heat-resistant hats?

The accessories look pretty great here. Never leave home in your new glad rags without a WW2 helmet, a hockey mask or welding gear, we always say.

But are the clothes patriotic enough?

Definitely needs more eagles #America


In fairness, no-one’s stopping us from wearing the webbed wonder’s unmentionables under our new Marvel suit/checked shirt/zip installation. Except common sense, societal mores and our own creeping sense of shame, of course…

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