Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron left critically injured following shock accident – Danny Miller interview

Will anyone get to him before it's too late?


Aaron Livesy is to dice with death when he suffers a critical accident while out running. Scenes to be shown next week will see Aaron enjoying some quality time with Robert up at Home Farm while Chrissie is away. But when Chrissie looks set to arrive back early, Aaron is shown the door. Upset at how he’s been treated, Aaron heads off.


But events take a worrying turn when – while running in a remote spot – Aaron stumbles and falls, smashing his mobile in the process. After tumbling down a steep embankment, Aaron lands hard and knocks himself totally unconscious – with nobody around to see what has happened.

“It was a freezing, genuinely cold day,” says Danny Miller, recalling his time filming in the quarry where Aaron falls. “It was one of the coldest filming days we’ve done for a while. The worst thing was that we had to re-shoot it because the snow came down. But I enjoyed it because it was something completely different.”

Current episodes of the ITV soap have seen Aaron undertake a punishing running schedule as he tries to assuage the guilt he feels over Katie’s death. But with his history of self-harm, Aaron’s actions have been causing concern among his nearest and dearest. “Aaron’s running is all about this determination he has to run away from his demons. But it’s also his way of handling the self harming,” agrees Miller.

Of course, one of the main causes for Aaron’s distress is his association with Robert Sugden, whose attempts to keep the affair from wife Chrissie has led to much heartache. “People keep sending me pictures and Gifs of the amount of kissing we’ve done,” the actor laughs. “It makes me realise that we have actually kissed a lot! But I think it’s quite a dangerous relationship.”

Show bosses are currently remaining tight lipped about the outcome of Aaron’s accident, but could there be a knock-on effect for his relationship with Robert? Will the affair be eventually made public? “I think that the minute they get together, the relationship would change. So personally, as an actor, I like all the drama that comes with the sneaking around. I hope it doesn’t come out, but it’s a soap and it’s going to have to at some point.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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