Coronation Street spoilers: Owen is arrested after attacking Craig, reveals Ian Puleston-Davies

Fists fly in the wake of Faye giving birth, with Owen accusing Craig of being the baby's father


Owen Armstrong’s notorious temper will be unleashed again next week after he lashes out at an unsuspecting Craig. With Faye having given birth, Owen will grow increasingly convinced that Craig is the baby’s father and attacks the young lad while out on the street.


It’s an assault that lands him in a police cell and also comes to threaten Owen’s relationship with Anna. Will she forgive him this latest display of aggression? And how will she react when Owen raises the possibility of Faye’s baby being put up for adoption? Actor Ian Puleston-Davies, who plays the fiery Owen, tells us more…

So, why is Owen finding the situation with Faye’s baby so hard to deal with?
I think it’s her age. He’s of a generation where it’s more than frowned upon for a 13-year-old to be pregnant. Faye is a very young 13-year-old as well. She’s a child. And the whole thing is a horrifying discovery for Owen. 

And, once again, his temper proves to be his undoing…
Yes, the problem with Owen is that he can never control his anger, so he lashes out. He’s angry with the situation, the circumstances and everyone involved. He’s angry with the world.

What makes him so convinced that Craig must be the dad?
He’s not given it enough thought. It’s a very rash decision. Because he’s angry with everyone, he’s looking for a fall guy. He’s seen Faye and Craig together, so he puts one and one together and comes up with three. Craig’s the obvious person to blame.

Tell us how Owen reacts when Craig comes round to see Faye?
He see Craig on the street laughing and joking. And it gets Owen’s back up because he’s still reeling from the news.  So, he confronts Craig and lashes out. Owen just flips, like he does, races across the street and threatens Craig. 

And how does Anna react to what’s happening?
She’s horrified – there’s a wonderful shot where she’s getting out of a taxi and looks over and witnesses the scuffle. In her eyes, it’s the last straw. It’s the final nail in the coffin for Owen. They both know he’s overstepped the mark.

How does Owen feel about what he’s done after he’s calmed down and spent a night in the cells?
He’s full or remorse, but he’s also very good at blame evasion. There’s a certain amount of guilt, but I do think he still feels self pity. It’s a part of Owen I’ve struggled with over the years – his self pity and his selfishness. There’s a scene where someone asks about Faye and his reply is about himself. It’s not an attractive trait, but it’s a very good trait to play as an actor.

Why does Owen think the baby should be adopted?
If there’s any redemption in the demise of Owen Armstrong after his selfishness, his temper and his warped sense of morality, it’s that he genuinely cares for Faye and he wants the best for her. There’s a lovely scene where he tells her she has to do what she wants to do, that she has to be honest with herself and make the right decision for herself.

How would Anna react to his suggestion of having the baby adopted?
Anna’s take on the whole thing is that he’s poisoning Faye’s decision making. Anna, in true matriarch tradition, wants to keep it all under their roof. What Owen’s trying to say is that they’re dealing with a 13-year-old child’s mentality – maybe they need to talk to her about what she really wants and whether she wants this baby under their roof? I think Owen is right to flag it up, but it’s the final straw for Anna – she believes that he’s gone behind her back and is filling Faye with the wrong advice. 

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