Arnold Schwarzenegger protects his zombie daughter in first Maggie trailer

The Terminator star gets serious in the first look at his upcoming dystopian drama


He may be back as the steel-coated Terminator later this year, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is all gooey-soft in the first trailer for his low-key zombie movie Maggie – not that he doesn’t still know how to handle a shotgun, of course.


The film stars Arnie as a father determined to protect his titular daughter Maggie (played by Abigail Breslin) who is gradually turning into a card-carrying member of the undead – but is he the one really in danger?

In what look like his most intense and subtle performance since Jingle All The Way, Arnie spends most of the trailer giving hugs, looking at fire and shedding a single manly tear – all with a masterly grief beard to put Tyrion Lannister to shame.

Still, we’d eat our hats if there’s not at least one big action sequence for the star to show off his skills – or maybe eat our brains…


Maggie will be released in May 2015