Five clues from the James Bond Spectre trailer

How does the new film relate to Skyfall? And are Bond and Blofeld brothers?


The trailer for James Bond’s newest adventure Spectre dropped last night. (At a quarter to midnight!) It’s packed with clues about the film but, unlike Bond, we can’t simply go to a casino, get drunk on martinis and sleep with the bad guy’s wife to get the information we need. No, we have to do the real legwork of espionage, and screencap a YouTube video. Now pay attention 007…


It follows on directly from Skyfall

Bond films used to play fast and loose with their continuing story, with every film more or less being detached from the others. However, Spectre continues the serialised storytelling established with Casino Royale, with MI6 still ruined from Raoul Silva’s attack in Skyfall, when he somehow made the furnace explode with a laptop.

It ties into Quantum of Solace

Yes, we would all rather forget the disappointing follow-up to Casino Royale, but it looks like they’re trying to salvage something from their trip to Bolivia. Hello Mr White!

First seen in a less bedraggled state in Casino Royale, Bond previously abducted the villain to get information about the ‘Quantum’ organisation: a cheap Spectre knock off that only existed to justify the film’s title.

Apparently White collects memberships to secret organisations like the rest of us collect supermarket loyalty cards, because Bond again visits him (this time up a fjord) to find out about Spectre. It’s possible Quantum will be explained as a rival or smaller subsidiary of Spectre: a Tesco Metro compared to a full-blown superstore on the outskirts of town. 

Spectre is just like you remember

The shadowy organisation still has a leader draped in shadows, just like in From Russia With Love and Thunderball, although there’s no sign of a white cat. They even use the same logo. Although we never actually see him, that familiar voice heavily hints that Christoph Waltz plays Ernest Stavro Blofeld, the spectre at the feast.

Blofeld might be Bond’s stepbrother

Waltz is credited in the film as Franz Oberhauser, presumably a relation of Hannes Oberhauser, the skiing instructor from Ian Fleming’s Octopussy. However, among the documents recovered from the Skyfall attack are a Notice of Guardianship signed by Bond’s aunt and one J. Oberhauser. Along with that is a picture of two children and a man on skis. One kid is presumably Bond, with the other’s face obscured by fire damage. Could Spectre be a family reunion?

James Bond’s car is cool

No real clue, but the Aston Martin DB10 is so cool. So cool.

Spectre will be released in the UK from 23rd October. What did you spot? Tell us below!


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