How do the new films, TV series, books and video games fit into the Star Wars universe?

Ahead of the release of The Force Awakens later this year, a new infographic sets out the new material and where it sits in 'The story of Star Wars'


As we draw ever closer to the release date of The Force Awakens, and new film and TV spin-offs (including Felicity Jones’ Rogue One and Lego Droid Tales), Star Wars fans can make use of this handy updated timeline of events in that galaxy so far, far away.


Some rather intrepid fans at German website Jedi Bibliothek were taking a closer look at the Amazon preview of new novel A New Dawn when they spotted a brand new canonical timeline that lays out ‘The story of Star Wars’ in a little more detail.

It reveals exactly where A New Dawn fits in (between Episodes III and IV with Star Wars Rebels) and also clarifies when new video game Battlefront will be set.

Gaming giants EA have been teasing fans with sneak peeks at their latest Star Wars offering ahead of the big reveal at next month’s Star Wars Celebration event in California.

The infographic also confirms that Aftermath will be the first of the 20 new books the powers that be will release to bridge the gap between Return of The Jedi and The Force Awakens. They’ll feature a selection of adult and young adult novels, comic book offerings and sticker books, to name but a few.

Entertainment Weekly broke the news of the updated literature earlier this month, revealing that the new publications will be littered with Easter eggs (that’s clues, hints and fun little nods to those who aren’t familiar with the term) foreshadowing events in JJ Abrams’ December film.

“The partnership with the story group and the editorial team always had to be true to the sanctity of the film while making sure that we find these moments to introduce hints, clues, and puzzle pieces” Andrew Sugerman, executive vice president of Disney Publishing Worldwide, said at the time.

“Without revealing what those pieces are, it will just allow readers to speculate about the new film: What could a location mean, or what could a character mean?”, he added.

Fans can expect a Marvel Comics prequel called Star Wars: Journey to the Force Awakens, and a Marvel Comics prequel told from C-3PO’s perspective, There’ll also be a Princess Leia story titled Moving Target, a Luke Skywalker-focused The Weapon of a Jedi and Han Solo tale Smuggler’s Run.

There’s no mention of Felicity Jones’ Rogue One just yet, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on the upcoming books and comics for any sign of an updated timeline.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens will be released in cinemas on 18th December, with Rogue One following on 16th December 2016 and Episode VIII set to land on 26th May 2017

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