Peter Capaldi on the return of Doctor Who: ‘There were hairs standing up on the back of my neck’

A birthday video message from one of the show's biggest fans as he recalls the excitement and trepidation of watching the return of Doctor Who back in 2005...


Today he is the Doctor. But back in 2005, when Doctor Who returned after years in the wilderness, Peter Capaldi was simply a fan, waiting to catch the first bars of that theme tune and a first glimpse of the Tardis again, and hoping that it would be as good as it once was.


As we celebrate ten years of new Who, the 12th Doctor recalls his reactions to the first episode and the introduction of Christopher Eccleston’s Time Lord and Billie Piper’s very different companion Rose Tyler… 

“When Doctor Who came back in 2005, nobody new that it would work. But as soon as the credits rolled and that theme music began, there were hairs on the back of the neck standing up, and excitement.

“You can go through the episode and you start getting all of these firsts, which are really, really exciting. There’s the first glimpse of the Tardis – and there it is, thank goodness, a blue Police Box just like you remember.

“The Autons – to use classic monsters, which remain  terrifying, was an absolutely brilliant idea. And then suddenly we were with Rose, Billie Piper, who brought something absolutely new to Doctor Who.

“But of course the most dazzling thing is the Doctor, who appears in the person of Christopher Eccleston.


“And when he does the speech about the turn of the Earth, and being able to feel, it I though ‘Yeah, this guy’s Doctor Who…'”

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