Lily James: I’d love to play an alien in Doctor Who

The Cinderella and Downton Abbey star is keen to follow in boyfriend Matt Smith's footsteps and bag a role in the BBC1 sci-fi series

After months of acting in corsets and starring in period dramas like Downton Abbey and upcoming film Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Cinderella’s Lily James is keen for a change of scenery.


In fact, the 25-year-old actress is up for stepping into the Tardis, following in the footsteps of her boyfriend Matt Smith who played The Doctor between 2010 and 2014.

“I’d love to be a space alien,” she told “Doctor Who’s so cool because it’s any time, any character, any world, any dimension. The sky’s the limit, or space is the limit!”

It would certainly make a change from taking tea in the drawing room or engaging in polite small talk. Though, talking of Downton Abbey, James also reassures us that this is “not the end” for her character Lady Rose.

While the ITV drama’s sixth season is currently in production, James isn’t on set as she’s too busy promoting her Disney film. But there is hope.

“I’m almost certain I will be,” she says, when we ask her if she’ll be in series six. “It does depend on what Julian [Fellowes, Downton’s creator] writes but it’s not the end for Rose.”

James also told us how she credits the hit ITV period drama for her princess-like poise in Cinderella: “Being on Downton and learning how to sit and stand, and holding yourself and wearing corsets, it all helped.” 

Lily James stars in Cinderella, in UK cinemas this Friday


Downton Abbey returns to ITV later this year