Emmerdale spoilers: Adam and Vanessa to sleep together, reveals actor Adam Thomas

"The next morning, Adam's not feeling too pleased with himself. The repercussions aren't great"

A heartbroken Adam is to jump into bed with village vet Vanessa after Victoria rejects his marriage proposal.


“Victoria has split up with him so, in Adam’s mind, he has a hall pass!” laughs actor Adam Thomas. “He’s drowning his sorrows in the Woolpack, Vanessa comes over and she tells him she’s had a row with Kirin, and one thing leads to another. But the next morning, Adam’s not feeling too pleased with himself. The repercussions aren’t great.”

In fact, the very next day, Victoria gets in touch with Adam to say that she wants them to get back together. So how does he feel about this bombshell? “He gets a text message from Victoria saying that it’s not over and that she still loves him. So Adam feels really guilty.

“He’s obviously got the wrong end of the stick – he thought the relationship was over, but she just doesn’t want to get married yet. So now, he feels sick inside. Adam knows he’s just messed things up again.”

And the problems don’t stop there. Vanessa is determined to tell Kirin about what she’s done, leaving Adam with little option but to also admit the truth to Victoria. But his method of confessing ends up raising a few eyebrows…

“Adam can’t tell Vanessa face to face, so he ends up leaving her a voicemail message which, at the time, he thinks  is a good idea. But Aaron ends up saying, ‘what the hell are you doing, you plonker!?’ So he’s convinced that it’s not the best way to go about it, but he has to find a way out of this mess.”

And what would the actor’s advice be to the character he plays? “I’d tell him to maybe come clean and tell the truth. But it wouldn’t be a soap if things didn’t go badly. And it’s safe to say that it does go terribly wrong.”

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