Neighbours spoilers: Des Clarke returns, Harold leaves, while Amber’s big day arrives

30 March-3 April: Paul tries to influence Daniel by getting Des to tell him sob stories

Monday 30 March


Georgia turns on Nick when she overhears him and Paul discussing the bet, and Kyle tells him in no uncertain terms to stay away from his wife. Matt hits the bottle when the situation with Lauren does not improve. Nina Tucker sneaks into town and tries to stay incognito, but when an opportunity arises to work at the hotel where she used to be a chambermaid, she jumps at it. 

Tuesday 31 March

Amber is devastated when Imogen confesses to her that she is in love with Daniel. Terese intervenes to stop Matt from making a terrible mistake and encourages him to put things right with Lauren. Paul tries to sway Daniel by getting his old friend Des Clarke to regale him with the story of his failed wedding. 

Wednesday 1 April

Amber and Danielʼs big day has arrived, but a distraught Amber is still trying to come to terms with Imogenʼs secret love for her fiance. Susan catches Harold in conversation with Madge, but she assures him that he is not crazy. When Daniel learns about Agnes Robinsonʼs discarded pearl ring, he figures that finding it will restore Amberʼs faith. Nina admits to Karl and Susan that she and Jack have separated. 

Thursday 2 April

Daniel and Imogen become trapped in a well after a failed attempt to find the pearl ring. Amber believes that Daniel has left her at the altar and cancels the wedding, before sneaking off to the bridal suite to be left alone. Paul spies Nina and begs her to sing at the closing concert, and with a little assistance from Karl and Lou she takes to the stage to perform her new song. 

Friday 3 April


Nick is stunned when Paul tells him that the research centre location is no longer viable, and in an attempt to get him back onside tells him that he has some bad news after his blood screening. Imogen opens up to Daniel about her feelings for him while they remain trapped in the well, but he tells her that she is not the girl for him. Meanwhile, Josh comforts a distressed Amber who still has not left the bridal suite. Harold leaves Ramsay Street once again to help Sky with her new baby.