Mission: Impossible 5 gets official title and new teaser

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation sees Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt and co tackle a new "anti-IMF"

Tom Cruise is hanging off the side of a plane which can only mean one thing – the new Mission: Impossible is almost upon us. 


Until now, this fifth instalment has simply been known as Mission: Impossible 5, but the action flick has finally got its official name: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. Not to be confused with Rogue One, Disney’s Star Wars spin-off… 

Rogue Nation sees Ethan Hunt on the tail of a “rogue” syndicate who are trained in the same way as his own Impossible Missions Force (IMF). An “anti-IMF”, if you will. Apparently they can’t be defeated. But what Mission Impossible film would be complete without a mission that’s impossible, which turns out to be possible, right? Especially if the mission involves a group of people trained to be impossible to outwit, who are carrying out their own impossible missions. Clear as mud.

The latest instalment sees Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner reprise their roles and Alec Baldwin and Rebecca Ferguson make their MI debut, although it’s Cruise who takes centre stage in this first poster:


The global trailer is expected to be released later today but, for now, whet your appetite with this first-look teaser…