Arthur Darvill’s best moments as Rory Williams in Doctor Who

He was the Eleventh Doctor's back-up companion - but what were Rory's greatest hits during his time in the Tardis?

He may have started out as the Tardis gooseberry, but Arthur Darvill’s Rory Williams soon became a key part of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who tenure – and a bit of a hero in his own right. Whether it was fighting with the romans, guarding Amy (Karen Gillan) for thousands of years or just dying a lot, Rory had plenty of highlights throughout his time in the Whoniverse – here are just a few of them.


10. The unshot letter scene

While this scene was never shot, it was later released online (read by Arthur Darvill and partially animated), and was a lovely coda to Amy and Rory’s story. As Rory wrote to his father (Mark Williams) from beyond the grave, there was barely a dry eye around – if only it could have made the episode!