Top Gear’s James May shares his boredom on Twitter

It's OK, he's got some new hoover bags - he can spin that out for an hour or two...

Top Gear presenter James May is a tad bored, it seems. While decisions are made about the future of co-host Jeremy Clarkson, who’s been suspended after a “fracas” with a producer, May’s currently without a motoring show to keep him busy. 


Sure he can take his own fancy cars out for a spin. 

But it’s not quite the same. There’s no smashing up caravans. No racing across countries. He’s probably longing for someone to wind him up about being a slow driver.

So how is he keeping busy? Well, hoover bags offered up some amusement.

It was like Christmas when some bulbs needed replacing.

He’s learning some handy culinary tricks.

Plumbing has never seemed so exciting.

He’s got a lot of respect for the others in the unemployed trenches with him.

A picture speaks a thousand words.


And today, well, he’s got some gardening work, which sounds like it’s going to go urm, swimmingly…