Doctor Who, Jaffa Cakes and Fifty Shades of Grey – the internet reacts to the solar eclipse

Some slept through it, others nabbed stunning photos while plenty just had food on their minds...

Today, eyes were on the sky (only through the proper viewing apparatus, mind) for the much-anticipated solar eclipse. These, to put it rather simply, don’t happen very often, so it’s always good to try and get some snaps. If you can see through the clouds, don’t sleep in and have any idea what sort of filter to use, that is. Here’s how the action went down online…


There was excitement

Naturally there was a Doctor Who gag

Some pretty spooky photography

Some just slept through the whole thing

… and didn’t care all that much

Jaffa Cakes will probably see a rise in sales as everyone remembers that eclipse-themed advert

If you have to have glasses why not make them edible* like Bake Off winner Frances? (*totally not eclipse approved)

This happened

Plenty weren’t able to see it at all #nope

It’s Christian Grey’s fault apparently

Oxford Uni students got a peek – through the proper glasses, well done

Some just made their own edible eclipses

Others worked on their photography skills

There were some hauntingly beautiful pictures

Others had clouds to deal with


And elsewhere they waited to be beamed up…