Definitive proof that The Hunger Games, Divergent and Twilight are all exactly the same

Ender's Game? The Mortal Instruments? The Maze Runner? Yeah, it turns out every young adult film is pretty much interchangeable...


“In a world with ambiguously oppressive governments, in a vaguely distant future full of strange love triangles, a team will form.”


As this new trailer mash-up proves, the above could be the tagline for any of the young adult film franchises which have recently taken the globe by storm, .

“From great suffering came a solution,” starts the clip. We all know what film that’s from, right? It’s Divergent? No, sorry, The Maze Runner? Ender’s Game…? 

“She’s the one they all talk about,” it continues. Now, that’s the Hunger Games? How about The Mortal Instruments? Twilight? 

“If I’d wanted to hurt you I would have,” says Peeta, right? In the arena? No, it’s sparkly-skinned Edward Cullen? Or Jacob. Or Four?


There is one way of halting this confusion and harnessing the power of these similarities for good. According to Fandango, it’s high time these teen heroes team up – Marvel Comics aren’t the only ones allowed a super-universe – and make an epic film where Katniss, Tris, Ender, Jonas, Thomas, Bella, Edward, Jacob, Clary and co fight all the world’s injustices, overthrow dystopian governments and share confusion about their teenage feelings. 


Forget The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (yeah, we’re already talking about that). It’s all about The Divergent Games: New Moon Runner – Part 1…