MasterChef fans love returning champ Natalie Coleman’s “banging” critique

Viewers are definitely appreciating the former winner's no-nonsense critiques...

MasterChef 2013 champion Natalie Coleman returned to the show last night as a guest judge and her “no frills” critique of the contestants’ efforts in the kitchen went down well with viewers.


Coleman, who has just been named an Ambassador for The Central Street Cookery School, sat alongside last year’s winner Ping Coombes and the show’s first champion Thomasina Miers. They tucked into everything from a (rather sparse) roast dinner to a boozy layer cake as another batch of chefs battled for a place in the quarter-finals.

While Thomasina found the best pudding she’d eaten all year in Sarah’s pumpkin pain perdu and Ping struggled to find a word other than “sexy” to describe Pete’s heaving Asian-inspired dish, it was Natalie’s fuss-free thoughts on the grub that caught people’s attention.

Certainly creamed spinach will be unused to such a warm reception, with the former champ describing it as “banging”:

We just want to know if it’s good or not, right?

Yep, people definitely miss Natalie being on MasterChef…

And when the programme finishes, there’s still a place for Natalie’s down-to-earth delivery…


Natalie returns tonight to dish up more of her banging critique from 8:00pm on BBC1