Why does Aidan Turner’s Ross like to ride beside the seaside when his home in Poldark is inland?

The home of Ross Poldark is actually filmed in one of the most central parts of Cornwall leading to much sniggering in the West Country

Poldark is a BBC1 hit and viewers are loving it even if there are a few jokes in Cornwall about some of the accents deployed by some non-local stars that sound (according to some) like English Scrumpy and Western band The Wurzels.


But an active Cornish Nationalist politician told RadioTimes.com that the biggest joke in the West Country centres on the many (and there are many) scenes showing Aidan Turner’s Ross riding near to the cliffs complete with stunning views of the Cornish coast.

The house used as Ross’ dwelling for filming (see below) is, as any Cornishman will tell you, actually filmed in Bodmin Moor, one of the most inland parts of the county. And the producers admit that they inserted CGI sea into many of the wide shots involving Ross.

“It’s absolutely hilarious,” says our source. “Ross is seen riding all the time from one house to the other and it’s always along the coast. If you know the area you know that would be impossible from the place Ross’ home is filmed which is miles from the sea. They clearly just put the sea in because it looks good.”

Still, BBC1 viewers are taking this in their stride, with the drama proving very popular.

According to the overnight ratings, 6.55m viewers tuned into Sunday’s second instalment which saw Turner strip off and dive into the Atlantic for a dip, watched intently by Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson), the woman he rescued in episode one.


Poldark continues on Sunday nights on BBC1