Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

23-27 March: Susan's rivalry with Janelle Timmins is reignited during a bake-off, while Harold and Daniel have a big falling out

Monday 23 March


Harold apologises to Amber when he realises that she overheard his advice to Daniel not to marry her, but Daniel loses patience with his unsupportive grandad and retracts his wedding invitation. Nate forgets that he had arranged to talk to Toadie about his US visa ban and misses the meeting. Brennan tells Naomi the truth about how he feels about her and she is delighted – the pair are now officially a couple. 

Tuesday 24 March

Brennan thinks that Matt is lying about a large chunk of back-pay from work, and when he sees him with Dimato his worst fears are confirmed. Nick persuades Georgia to donate blood even though she is scared of needles, and during the procedure she feels a spark. Instead of preparing his visa documentation, Nate spends his time messing around with Tylerʼs remote-controlled cars, leading Chris to wonder if Nate really wants to have a baby. 

Wednesday 25 March

Matt comes clean to Brennan and Lauren about working for Dimato. In a surprising move, Brennan has a proposition which might save Mattʼs career and put Dimato behind bars. Paige and Tylerʼs romance escalates but in the heat of passion she calls out Brennanʼs name. A blast from the past, Janelle Timmins, arrives back in town to take part in the bake-off, and her rivalry with Susan is immediately reignited. 

Thursday 26 March

Paige tries to rectify her friendship with Tyler and they agree to keep things platonic, but how long can they keep their hands off each other? Lauren is left reeling by Mattʼs revelations and the pair are left wondering if there is any way back. Paul sets out to derail Daniel and Amberʼs wedding, starting by ensuring that Amber is out of town during final preparations. 

Friday 27 March


Dimato asks Tyler to search Brennanʼs room, but he refuses and Dimato warns Tyler not to cross him. In the latest move, Nick invites Georgia to a medical conference. Madge encourages Harold to move on and go on a date with Sheila, but he flees when it gets physical – Harold is feeling Madgeʼs loss keenly and he does not want another partner.