Internet killed the video star? Kids are introduced to VHS tapes for the first time…

"You're just telling me words that I don't know," complain confused children, who are not impressed with their first (and last) VCR experience

You remember what a VHS player looks like, right? It was the thing that chewed up your favourite movie and took FOREVER to rewind. The reason you spent most of your Saturday nights perusing the shelves at your local rental store.


Before the likes of Netflix, 4oD and Amazon Prime it was our best friend. But not everyone is as familiar with the retro tech. When these kids aged between six and 12 are introduced to the bulky pieces of machinery by YouTubers TheFineBros, they just don’t know what they are looking at… 

A CD player? A music player thing? Radio? Alarm clock? DVD player? 

Once they’ve established the player’s purpose, the children are tasked with getting a tape to play. There’s a lot of pushing the cassette in the wrong away around and looking worried before it ejects itself (we’ve all been there) – “Is it going to, like, grow arms and attack me?” asks one girl when the VCR starts whirring.

And, according to the kids, the outcome is not worth the bother. Their VHS verdict? “It’s not good”, “It’s a blurry mess” and “It doesn’t have HD like the Blu-ray does.” 


“No offence to the creator of this, but why did you make this?!” adds one kid.