Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

23-27 March: Ash pleads with Brax not to take responsibility for a crime that he did not commit, while Oscar resists Maddyʼs advances

Monday 23 March


Josh and Evelynʼs protest to prevent John from removing the ʻloveʼ mural goes from strength to strength, with Jett and Marilyn joining in. Oscar is worried that Maddy is only returning his affections because she is sick, and that her feelings will not last. Kat decides to give the photographic proof of Braxʼs bail breach to Ash, telling him that there is not much more she can do. Brax becomes increasingly distant from Ricky in the build-up to his murder trial. 

Tuesday 24 March

As Sasha prepares to leave both Summer Bay and Matt behind, the pair worry that the distance will impact upon their relationship. Alf returns from the city and calls an end to the student protest to preserve Josh and Evelynʼs ʻloveʼ mural, but Marilyn is none too pleased. Brax considers pleading guilty to killing Dean in order to get a reduced sentence. 

Wednesday 25 March

Ash advises Brax not to plead guilty, telling him there is nothing worse than doing time for a crime that you did not commit. Matt surprises Sasha on her last night with a candlelit dinner and finally tells her that he loves her. Nate offers Andy some advice about taking care of Hannah, but when he tries to initiate some of his tips she becomes angry and kicks him out, leading him to worry that she may not be strong enough to overcome her injuries after all. 

Thursday 26 March

After a visit from Zac, Hannah realises that she needs to take charge of her life and push herself towards recovery. VJ is hurt when Zac forgets their lunch appointment and accuses him of not being there in Leahʼs absence. With all Phoebeʼs housemates away, the obsessive fan who has been secretly stalking her for weeks makes an unwelcome entrance. 

Friday 27 March


John chases away Phoebeʼs stalker, but the next morning he turns up at the caravan park. Kat catches him and helps Phoebe to file a restraining order. John resolves to sell the house, convinced that Summer Bay is no longer safe. VJ feels as if everyone he cares about is moving on, so he packs a bag and heads to the bus stop. Maddy reassures Oscar that her feelings for him are genuine and puts his fears to rest with a kiss.