Daniel Craig channels Roger Moore’s James Bond in first Spectre teaser poster

The actor goes old school 007 in the first promotional snap for the new Bond film

Good evening Mr Bond teaser poster – we’ve been expecting you.


Yes, that’s right, just last night the official James Bond Twitter account hinted that it would drop a sneaky peek at upcoming 007 flick Spectre today and it didn’t disappoint.

The first teaser poster for Spectre has arrived and features Daniel Craig striking a rather familiar pose.

From the dark wooly jumper to deathly serious stare, it’s all a bit Roger Moore, ishn’t it?

Director Sam Mendes recently revealed that the new film will take the spy down a rather dark path as he delves into his past on a mission related to his childhood. Perhaps that explains the brooding stare and clothing choices, which are probably as dark as his soul… dun dun dun.

We’re not shaken, but we’re definitely stirred.

Spectre is due for release in UK cinemas on 16th November

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