Who’s smarter: Sheldon or Sherlock? The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons gives his verdict…

They're both geniuses, but who is geniusier? The actor who plays one of them and has met Benedict Cumberbatch (who plays the other) told RadioTimes.com


Playing a genius on television can create… unrealistic expectations when fans meet the stars themselves. Just ask Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes), Hugh Laurie (Dr. Gregory House) or Carol Vorderman (Carol Vorderman). But that’s not a pressure Jim Parsons (Sheldon off The Big Bang Theory) feels. Apparently no one expects him to be a genius. 


“Nobody expects me to be that bright,” he told RadioTimes.com. “Either I’m bright in a different way so they shut up about the science part, or they just expect me to be more of a Dodo bird.”

So he doesn’t feel like Benedict Cumberbatch?

“I know him, not well, but I’ve met him.”

Enough beating around the bush – who’s smarter, Sheldon or Sherlock?

Jim Parsons thinks for a moment, then answers diplomatically.

“Sheldon thinks he’s the smartest so I’ll stick with that.”

Some more thinking.

“Until I’m done with the show, then I’ll put him in his place.” 

On that front, Parsons says that barring something “really weird” he will keep doing the sitcom “as long as they’re willing to make it.” In the meantime he’s playing Oh the alien (another otherworldy, socially inept genius) in Home, an animated film also starring pop star Rihanna. Does playing an extra-terrestrial mean he believes in aliens?

“I would not be stupid enough to not believe in them. I don’t expect cute friendly purple things to populate the earth any day now, it just seems there’s an awful lot going on out there to be foolish enough to say there’s no other lifeform.”

He may not be a science genius, but that makes sense to us.


HOME is released in cinemas on 20th March

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