The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons: I have never seen Doctor Who… but I would star in it

Actor who plays "King of the Nerds" Sheldon Cooper admits he has never seen the BBC sci-fi classic, but would love to step into the Tardis

When it comes to both science and science fiction, Sheldon from Big Bang Theory knows it all. He knows how dilithium crystals warp space-time around the Starship Enterprise, he knows the best shortcut to make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs or less, he even knows what Hawking Radiation is and has met the man himself.


Hell, actor Jim Parsons actually plays an adorable purple alien in his new children’s film Home. But, incredibly, there is a big gap in Parsons’ knowledge. Brace yourselves, fellow geeks…

“I have never seen Doctor Who,” he admitted to

But… but… what about all of those references in The Big Bang Theory?

“I know what it is of course,” he continued apologetically, “but I have never watched an episode.”

Give us a moment.

[Pinches eyes, breathes into paper bag, calls mother]

Right, so the King of the Nerds has never seen the longest running sci-fi show in the world but… would he ever appear in it?

“Oh yes! Yes I would be open to that! Having not seen it! It might be the most foolish thing I ever said. But yes I would be open to that.” 

He might get to wear a long scarf, to sweeten the deal.

“I would put a scarf on for anything.”



HOME is released in cinemas on 20th March

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