David Tennant on Doctor Who: “Rose was a girlfriend… even if they didn’t say it”

The Scottish actor hops from talk of A.K.A Jessica Jones to settling a very important question for Whovians...


David Tennant had all manner of questions fired at him during this weekend’s Wizard World Comic Con and, skipping between talk of upcoming A.K.A Jessica Jones and Doctor Who, Tennant put one thing to rest: the tenth Doctor and his companion really were an item…


“Rose was a girlfriend, even if they didn’t say it,” Tennant admitted to hoards of excited fans. Although, no one picked up on it. Honest.  


A ship that’s finally sailed, as they say.

Of course, besides Doctor Who people are getting pretty excited about Tennant’s upcoming part in Marvel’s A.K.A Jessica Jones. None more so than the actor’s younger self.

“My eight-year-old self doesn’t know what do with himself,” he laughed.

“[Jessica Jones] is another thing I grew up with. It’s the Marvel universe, it’s insane!” he added, just days after taking a break from working on his role as baddie Kilgrave to visit Marvel’s HQ

Tennant’s certainly one for ticking off his childhood dreams, although he did note how it changes your perception of a series.

“I grew up as a fan of Doctor Who. It used to be the show I waited for every Saturday night with bated breath, it was very exciting. To then be in it, it’s weird. In some ways it changes how you are, you can never be a fan in the same way again because of course you’re looking at your own ugly mug, it’s quite hard to be entirely enjoying it – and, of course, I knew what was coming as I’d read the script.

“Now, of course, I can watch it and not know what’s coming up, so now I get to be a fan again, which is great.” 


And speaking of fans, he delighted plenty of them yesterday by taking time to sign autographs after the Q&A…