The Voice UK: who’s singing for survival in the first knockout round?

Contestants from Team Rita and Team Will compete for a place in the live shows during tonight's episode

After a tense fortnight of battles on The Voice UK, there’s just one final hurdle for the contestants before those all-important live shows – the knockouts.


Rita and’s remaining artists go up against each other tonight. They’re competing for one of just three places on their mentors’ dream teams but who’ll have the “killer song” to take them through to the final round?

Team Rita

Ms Ora’s eight may all seem hot right now but who knows how they’ll do and who’ll be saying hello, hi, goodbye?

  • Londoners DTWINZ will sing for survival with Whitney Houston’s I’m Every Woman but will Rita feel the sisterly love?
  • Welsh man Joe Woolford takes on Outkast’s Hey Ya but will he be saying see ya before the night is out?
  • You Spin Me Around (Like A Record) is Mitch Miller‘s “killer” tune – will it leave his Voice dreams Dead or Alive?
  • 16 year-old Karis Thomas (below) has proven she’s got what it takes on several occasions but will her True Colours shine through when it matters the most?
  • Swansea lass Shellyann fancies her chances with Kary Perry’s Firework but will Rita see the spark in the Welsh songstress?
  • Hannah Wildes has big Dreams with a killer Fleetwood Mac tune: will Ms Ora make them come true, though?
  • Take Me To Church gets the Clark Carmody treatment tonight but will Hozier’s smash hit song take him all the way to the live shows?
  • And finally, Liss Jones brings a bit of Cher to the table: here’s hoping it won’t leave her wondering what would happen if she could Turn Back Time…

Team Will has assembled a rather dope line-up this series but who has a feeling tonight’s going to be a good night and who’ll be left questioning where is the love?

  • Newtion Matthews‘ killer thriller is Missing by Everything but the Girl. Will he find himself missing from the live show line up or sing his way into’s good books?
  • Jake Shakeshaft takes on Justin Bieber’s As Long As You Love Me but will Will still ‘beliebe’ in the lass from Stoke-On-Trent by the end of the evening?
  • She’s sailed through the show from the very beginning but can Esmee Denters keep on winning with Stevie Wonder’s As?
  • Taking on an iconic tune is always a risk but Brooklyn’s willing to Let It Go, Idina Menzel-style. Will it get a warm or a frosty reception?
  • 18 year-old Ryan Green (above) fancies his chances with Frank Ocean’s Thinkin’ Bout You. Has the track got the killer edge to take him through?
  • They say It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World and Vikesh Champaneri will be hoping that’s the case tonight. He takes on the James Brown track in his bid to reach the next round.
  • Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life is Sheena McHugh’s choice but will it encourage Will to bring her to the live shows? 
  • Irish songstress Lucy O’Byrne takes on Madame Butterfly: will Un Bel Di Vederemo have the wings to help her fly?

The Voice UK Knockout Rounds start on BBC1 tonight (March 14th) at 7.15pm.