The six stages of David Tennant’s visit to Marvel

Lesson learned: always have a Tardis mug on standby

David Tennant took a break from working on upcoming Netflix meets Marvel series A.K.A Jessica Jones last week to visit Marvel’s New York HQ. 


Marvel hasn’t detailed exactly who Tennant’s character will be, although it’s widely believed he’s playing mind-controlling baddie Zebediah Killgrave, aka the Purple Man. 

Breaking Bad alum Krysten Ritter is playing the title role and Marvel says Tennant stopped by to learn more about the making of comic books themselves. 

Here, in stages, is how that went…

Stage 1: The classic finger point

You have a photo with something exciting, you point at it. It’s a natural urge few can beat. 

Stage 2: Use the element of surprise

This is the kind of time that lying to your staff is totally acceptable.

Stage 3: The spidey-move

You meet the guy that writes The Amazing Spider-Man comics (aka Dan Slott) and you do the classic Spider-Man web throw. Slott changes every single profile picture (and hopefully passport photo) he has to this picture because it’s a former Doctor Who, current Broadchurch, upcoming Jessica Jones star pretending to be Spider-Man. Mind. Blown.

Stage 4: You have a brew

You can’t have an office visit without a caffeine break. And of course if you work there you get DT to hold your mug, then you treasure it even more forever. And of course you just so happen to have a Tardis mug on standby that you basically fist pump him with. Mug shot perfection.

Stage 5: Get into character

A trip to Marvel to delve into the Jessica Jones story wouldn’t be right without seeing the character itself. And if she’s on a wall, why wouldn’t you snuggle up with her? Show a softer side, perhaps subtly hint your character could do with a new stencilling alongside…


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