Cinderella’s Prince Charming can’t compete with Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman

Young reporter Lindalee only has eyes for Jenna Coleman - although does want a kiss and some glass slipper putting on from Richard Madden


Cinderella’s Prince Charming has found his biggest competition yet, and it’s none other than Doctor Who star (and girlfriend) Jenna Coleman. 


Young reporter Lindalee was busy doing her thing on the red carpet for the premiere of Cinderella. She nabbed the big stars of the night, naturally. Total pro. In fact, she had Prince Charming actor Richard Madden all to herself.

He was telling her how beautiful she looked and bending down to her height being all Prince-like. Then BAM, one look at Coleman and Lindalee was off. 

“I can’t compete,” Madden can be heard saying as Lindalee and Coleman hug. Turns out these girls have history. Lindalee’s a total Colemanite (not a thing, but you know.)

It’s times like these Beyoncé’s Run the World should be playing. Princesses before Princes, people.

Not that Lindalee doesn’t want a kiss from the Prince and her glass slipper put back on of course…


Disney’s live-action Cinderella is in cinemas now