Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr delivers real-life bionic arm to young fan

Seven-year-old Alex Pring received an exciting package from a very special guest...


Albert Manero is a mechanical engineering student at the University of Central Florida. He and a volunteer group he founded – Limbitless Solutions – build affordable, bionic, 3D printed arms for children.


In his own words: “With these degrees in engineering…if we can’t be helping others with them…then what are they worth?” Albert’s a pretty awesome guy.

One recipient of all his hard work is seven-year-old Alex Pring who was born with a partially developed right arm. In order to deliver Alex’s new limb, Albert enlisted the help of “another bionics expert” named Robert. 

The catch? “Robert” turned out to be Robert Downey Jr – the mega-famous movie star best known for playing Iron Man – who dressed in character as billionaire inventor Tony Stark, much to the delight of his young fan. 

In a video posted on Downey Jr’s Facebook page, the actor presents Alex with a bionic arm, built by Albert, which bears a striking resemblance to Iron Man’s iconic shiny limb. It was a “marriage of robotic technologies”… 

In fact, Downey Jr appeared to be a little jealous of Alex’s new prosthetic. “Actually, I think yours might be better than mine,” he observed. “Dude, it’s even cooler than I thought.”


Watch the full video below: