Five things we want from Frozen 2

Dear Disney, we've had a couple of ideas...


It’s the news we’ve been waiting for; Disney hasn’t let go the idea of more Frozen and a sequel is on the way. While there’s no indication yet about when this second extended trip to Arendelle will reach our screens (the new short hits cinemas tonight), we do know that Anna, Elsa and Olaf will return. 


The original animated movie is the fifth-highest grossing film of all time so, you know, just a sprinkling of expectation. I mean, it’s not like us fans have any idea of what we’d like to see more of, which characters they definitely shouldn’t leave out… oh, wait. Yes we do. Dear Disney…

Please can we have the next Let It Go

No pressure or anything, Let It Go only won an Oscar and a Grammy, but we’ll be hoping for another beyond-catchy track for this second instalment. Perhaps one that’s forgotten a tiny bit sooner, mind (there really are only so many times you can hear the same song without going just a little bit mad) but you know, a memorable one none the less. 

A new dress

…with shops stocking, stocking and stocking the darn thing. We can’t have another buying frenzy like we did with that blue Elsa dress, can we? When you could go on a mini-break for the cost of a Disney dress on eBay, it’s gone too far. There’s a green one in the new Frozen short, so perhaps we’ve been given a head start and that’s the one we should get stitching? Anyway, a new dress would be handy, if only to ensure our kids forget we didn’t quite manage to get the original.

More Olaf

There’s just something about Olaf the singing snowman. He could sing the phonebook and he’d have audiences hooked. Here’s hoping, as with the Frozen short, that he gets a little taste of summer. We know he loves that. And maybe a little Olafess to fall in love with… he’s definitely worth melting for.

Extra scenes with the Duke of Weselton

The Duke of Weasel… sorry Weselton, is such a brilliant bundle of hyped up self-importance it would be a shame not to see more from him. And his dance moves. In fact, he should always be dancing.


Another song for joker parents

Because guys, Disney isn’t just for kids.