Secret Cinema does Star Wars: five essential fancy dress items

The Empire Strikes Back is coming to a London location this summer and we've got your must-haves all lined up


Secret Cinema yesterday announced its plans to host a Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back event this summer, which means some lucky (as yet undisclosed) location in London is going to get transformed into a galactic world of wonder. 


You rebels need to be prepared; this is no simple cinema screening. It’s immersive. There are mocked up sets to wander around, themed activities, and you can bet your lightsaber people will be dressed up in their best Star Wars gear. 

Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday 18th March at 13:00pm (priced at £75 for adults) and, until then, those wishing to attend are being advised to look out for messages on “forgotten buildings” for clues about the event.

In order to be prepared, help you we can (I know, it’s like Yoda is here!) with a list of top-notch products that will help you stand out from the Secret Cinema crowd…


No regular phone case is going to cut it on this night. Answer your phone Stormtrooper-style

£6.99 buy online

Darth Vans

Literally step out in Star Wars style with these jazzed up Vans. Going full Jedi? Wear these under your robe. Comfy and cosmic.

£52 buy online

Attack of the caps

Go to the dark side for one night only with this funky cap. It’ll be summer, so England will be totally sunny, right..? Well, it can always shelter you from the rain if not.

£16.99 available online


For all your essentials for the night, what better way to carry them than in your own huggable Chewbacca backpack? Not just a walking carpet, now, is he?

£39.99 available online

Protection is strong in this one

Ok, ok, let’s cover all bases. If it does rain, this Jedi-themed raincoat will make it all seem just that little bit better.

£8.22 available online


For all the info on the event head to the Secret Cinema website