Five films that would have been very different if Liam Neeson had played dad

As Neeson hints he'll ditch the action roles in a couple of years, we imagine how these famous films would have gone with the Taken star as dad

Liam Neeson is going full throttle again in upcoming flick Run All Night, but the Taken star suggests it may not be long before he quits action movies and starts looking at more sedate options.


“Maybe two more years. If God spares me and I’m healthy,” Neeson told Good Morning America, “but after that, I’ll stop I think.”

Neeson’s alluded to this before. Around the time Taken 3 came out he said that if he gets a vibe from audiences that he’s too old to be leaping around, he’ll call it a day and move on to playing more dads and granddads. 

But how would that go, we wonder? It obviously wouldn’t be his first role as a father – he had the protective dad thing down pretty damn well in Taken – but how would these famous films have played out if he’d been playing papa…

Father of the Bride

After shelling out thousands (upon thousands, upon thousands…) of pounds for his daughter’s wedding, George Banks (Steve Martin) gets so penned in by the hundreds of guests he doesn’t get to say goodbye to his daughter before she goes off on her honeymoon. Totally heartbreaking. Liam Neeson wouldn’t stand for this. He’d simply scale the wall, bash people out of the way with a rogue bouquet if he had to. Wedding – 0, Dad – 100. 

Bridget Jones’s Diary

When Bridget’s mum has a somewhat ill-advised fling with a very orange shopping channel presenter, her hubby mopes about at home watching him on TV. Neeson wouldn’t just sit back. Oh, no. He’d phone in live to the show and detail his very particular set of skills… That’s fear you see in his eyes, fear.

Runaway Bride

Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) has more weddings than most people have hot dinners and as she bails on each one at the alter, her dad Walter does little to intervene. Sure he makes jokes about her at the wedding rehearsal, wishes the next plucky lad luck. But he’s not very active. Neeson would no doubt just go full body block. Stand at the back of the church; no one in, no one out. Walk her down the aisle? He’d be too busy on security.

Finding Nemo

Yep, the fishy tale where little Nemo goes missing (because he didn’t listen) would be a whole lot different if Neeson was dad. Rescued? Pah, he’d be dragged back to the other side of the ocean. Probably made to recite maths timetables the whole way for extra punishment. Fish learn maths, right?

Star Wars


Darth Neeson (it has a ring to it, right?) wouldn’t sit back while his son was being taught how to bring down his empire, he’d just barge onto Dagobah, shout “I am your father!” and tell Luke he was joining the family business. You’ve seen Taken, right? Neeson’s a do-er.