Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear “punch”: Police are not investigating the “fracas”

Northumbria Police say nobody has come forward regarding the alleged punch thrown during Top Gear filming and they will only investigate if a crime is reported

Northumbria Police, the force that covers the city of Newcastle where Jeremy Clarkson is said to have thrown a punch at a BBC producer, is not investigating the alleged incident.


A spokeswoman for the force told that it was not deploying resources over the alleged “fracas” because nobody had come forward to report a crime.

“We are not aware of any incidents. Nothing has been reported to us,” she sad. “If someone came forward and reported a crime we would investigate.”

It is understood that the alleged “fracas” – as it is being described by the BBC – between Clarkson and a Top Gear producer took place while filming the show in Newcastle last week. But the force’s spokeswoman said that the police would require more information to launch an investigation.

“At the moment we have been supplied with no details,” she added.

As revealed last night, the incident was only reported to the BBC yesterday, and Corporation executives took the decision to suspend Clarkson.

The BBC has this morning refused to comment on the allegations or to reveal the nature of its investigation into the incident, who will be conducting it and when it will be completed.


The eighth programme of the current series of Top Gear has been pulled from the scheduled for this coming Sunday, with the ninth programme also withdrawn from the BBC’s draft schedule for the following week.