Where have you seen Poldark’s Aidan Turner before?

He may be the smouldering hero of new drama Poldark – but where's that nice Mr Turner turned up on the telly in the past?


It’s safe to say that Aidan Turner will get a lot of attention from his new leading role as Ross Poldark in, erm, Poldark. He’s smouldering, has a cool scar and takes his shirt off more than seems healthy so it’s almost a given that he’ll be a household name as the drama continues.


But where was Turner before he was Poldark? Well, we’ve taken a quick look through his back catalogue to find the key roles that led him to where he is today – mostly shirtless. And still handsome.

The Tudors (2007)

Turner’s first screen role was a tiny two-line part in steamy historical drama The Tudors as a character called Bedoli. From small beginnings…

The Clinic (2008-2009)

Turner appeared in this Irish medical drama for 18 episodes as receptionist Ruairí McGowan, his first major acting role – and an early sign of his heart-throb status…

Being Human (2009-2011)

Even after the Hobbit this may currently be Turner’s most well-known role; as tortured vampire John Mitchell (living with a werewolf and a ghost), the actor held the attentions of fans for three series before the character’s tragic downfall.

Desperate Romantics (2009)

Shortly after he began his role in Being Human, Turner starred as lothario, painter and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti in the BBC adaptation of the historical gang of artists and rabble-rousers called the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

Hattie (2011)

In this biopic of British comic actress Hattie Jacques (played by Ruth Jones), Turner played her good-looking lodger – who she eventually had an affair with. I think we’re beginning to see a pattern here…

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)

In this action-adventure Turner ended up moving on from his Being Human vampire past – by playing a werewolf called Luke Galloway. Sadly, the film wasn’t a success so there weren’t more sequels, but it did free Turner up for Poldark! And to shave off that beard…

The Hobbit trilogy – Kili (2012-2014)

This is the big one – cast by peter Jackson after the director saw him in Being Human, Turner played unusually handsome dwarf Kili in the Hobbot trilogy alongside Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage.

And after filming the blockbuster, Turner says he’s more than happy to return to the small screen – in fact, he sees it as a step up.

“I’m Ross Poldark in Poldark, so it wasn’t just a very small wheel in a big cog like the Hobbit,” the actor told RadioTimes.com. “I am the cog!”

Well, I’m sure none of us can wait to see him whirr away.

Poldark begins on BBC One tonight (Sunday 8th March) at 9.00pm


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