Source Code, The Fugitive, Rush Hour and Gattaca: films on TV today

Terror on a train, Harrison on the run, aliens fall to Earth and Jackie Chan kicks up a storm: the RadioTimes team’s pick of free-to-air films on TV today


Source Code ★★★★
10.40pm-12.30am Film4


The award-winning lo-fi Moon was always going to be a tough act for advertising-trained British writer/director Duncan Jones to follow. Opting to take on a big-name studio picture with six times Moon’s budget was a sly move, as it presented him with – as he put it – “challenges and puzzles” to solve. Jake Gyllenhaal is the army helicopter pilot who wakes up after a crash in Afghanistan on a Chicago commuter train, except, inexplicably, he is now a teacher. After the train crashes (this is not a spoiler), he learns more about his mind-boggling situation, which involves reliving the same event over and over again. That’s enough information. Source Code presents us, too, with a puzzle that’s terrifying and intriguing, and Gyllenhaal carries it – with solid support from Michelle Monaghan and Jeffrey Wright. The occasionally frustrating Groundhog Day framework gives a twist to the “techno-thriller” genre, and Jones scores another hit.

The Fugitive ★★★★
11.00pm-1.30am C5 

Harrison Ford pounds the pavement as the man wrong accused of killing his wife, but it’s Tommy Lee Jones in dogged pursuit, who makes the biggest impact in this breathless thriller.    

The Thing from Another World ★★★★
11.20am-1.00pm Movies4Men 

Cold War politics are at the heart of this 1951 B-movie (later remade by John Carpenter) where alien life is discovered in the Arctic. Brrr… chilling.  

Rush Hour ★★★★
10.00pm-12.05am ITV2 

Chop-socky superstar Jackie Chan and cocky comic Chris Tucker hit pay-dirt as cop buddies investigating a kidnapping. Get your comedy and karate kicks. 

Gattaca ★★★★
11.05pm-1.20am Movie Mix 

Genetic engineering leads to a class divide in a thoughtful sci-fi thriller starring Ethan Hawke. It also features Gore Vidal in one of his final film roles.


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