Doctor Who marks International Women’s Day with a special Tardis picture

Series 9 female members of the cast and crew assemble for a special picture as the sisters of time and space do it for themselves...


Behind every Doctor is a great woman.


We all know that.

Whether it’s Elisabeth Sladen’s Sarah Jane Smith, Catherine Tate’s Donna, Billie Piper’s Rose or the Time Lord’s current companion Clara played by Jenna Coleman, our adventures in time and space wouldn’t be the same without the women of Doctor Who.

And let’s not forget the many women behind the scenes who have made the show great. From people like theme tune wizard Delia Derbyshire or producers like Julie Gardner, the show owes a huge debt to its brilliant women.

And to mark International Women’s Day the BBC has released this picture of all the women currently hard at work on series 9.

Obviously there’s Jenna Coleman – the longest-serving companion of the modern era – and Missy actress Michelle Gomez near the front.

We can also see line producer Tracie Simpson and producer Nikki Wilson in the front at the left hand side.

And that’s definitely director Hettie Macdonald in there too.


But who else is there? has no doubt that you the fans will be able to spot the others…