16 thoughts we have during every episode of Call the Midwife

From Horlicks and silk pyjamas to some serious sobbing...

Call the Midwife is one moving drama. It’s impressive if you can make it through an instalment without reaching for your handkerchief.


In fact, the whole experience is an emotional roller coaster. As we sit down to watch the final episode of series four, here are the 16 thoughts that go through our heads every time… 

Eurgh. It’s Sunday evening.

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But Call the Midwife is on. 

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God, the despair is starting early this week. We’ve already got a serious infectious disease/case of suspected child neglect.

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This is too much for a Sunday night. Why do we put ourselves through this every weekend?

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Oh. Trixie’s silk pyjamas are amazing. Frantically googles where to buy vintage silk pyjamas. 

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God, I never want to give birth.

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Aw. A baby.

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I want a baby.

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Patsy looks suspiciously fresh faced to say she’s had such a late night. Frantically googles eye creams.

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Mmm. Biscuits. 

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Oh dear. Am I about to cry? 

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Yep. I am. 

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My Sunday night doesn’t feel so bad now. 

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I’m pretty lucky actually.  

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No. No, not Vanessa Redgrave. Her voiceover is just too much. 

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Can someone pass the tissues? 

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Call the Midwife concludes on Sunday at 9:00pm on BBC1