Can we guess what’s going to happen in Call the Midwife’s series four finale?

Ellie Walker-Arnott gazes for literally minutes into her crystal ball (and at some preview pictures) before predicting the future of the Nonnatus nuns and midwives...


Last week’s Call the Midwife was a sad and sorry tale. A fire at the maternity home resulted in Sister Evangelina mixing up two newborns and sending them home with the wrong families, leaving the new parents with a big decision to make. 


Cynthia and Barbara cared for an elderly couple who couldn’t be without each other, but were both suffering without the right medical attention. And Patsy and Delia struggled with their feelings and vowed to find a way to share their lives away from society’s scornful gaze. 

At Nonnatus the little ones took part in a Halloween turnip parade, while a troubled Trixie read magazines and drank gin alone in her room. But in the episode’s happy news, after worrying about the memory of Vi’s husband, Fred decided to put it all behind him and ask Poplar’s haberdasher to marry him. 

But what’s going to happen this week? Are wedding bells on the horizon once again? Time to make those silly and spurious suggestions for the last time this series… 

Trixie has simply had enough of all those late night calls and early morning interruptions. Don’t these pregnant women know that the Nonnatus Girls need their beauty sleep? Her protein mask is never going to be able to work its magic if she’s forever having to wash her face and start again. You’ve no idea how many eggs she’s had to whisk this week… 

Chummy is back in the fold and she’s keen to make the most of her time in the city. She’s been holed up in the mother and baby home since Christmas. Now she’s keen to rub shoulders with the men of Poplar and get as far away from all those pregnancy hormones as possible. The obvious choice? She’s crashed Fred’s stag do. And beaten all his pals at darts. Naturally. 

The morning after the night before. It’s not a proper send off if you can function normally the following day. Poor Fred has tried his hardest to get dressed, but a vest and a bobble hat is the best he can do. Luckily, self-appointed best man Chummy is on hand to help him. Vi isn’t going to stand for Fred’s current outfit on her wedding day. She is a haberdasher, after all. Patterns, prints and luxurious fabrics are her area of expertise. 

It’s a good job Chummy’s ready in wedding-appropriate attire, isn’t it? She hasn’t picked the best spot for her album close up. No one wants a photograph of themselves all glammed up with the dustbins in the background. But it is nice to have Mrs Noakes back at Nonnatus… 

Meanwhile, here’s someone else who’s playing around with new prints. Cynthia was never as into her fashion as Trixie, but the nun’s garb is rather limiting. Nighttime is the perfect opportunity for the newly-appointed Sister to let loose a little. Lemon yellow, stripes, polka dots…. There aren’t any rules about what nuns can wear to bed, are there? 


Call the Midwife concludes on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1