Back to the Future’s iconic clock tower scene gets the stop motion Lego treatment

Marty McFly, Doc and the Hill Valley town clock are all re-created in glorious plastic brick detail


One of Back to The Future’s most famous and beloved scenes has been recreated in glorious Lego stop motion detail.


The master builders behind Macro Lego Universe made their very own shot for shot Lego take on Marty and Doc’s frenetic quest to power the Delorean with a lightning strike at the Hill Valley clock tower.

The mini sequence was shot at Brick 14, a Lego convention for Danish plastic brick super fans, and a whole team of animators, photographers, set builders and special effects whizzes collaborated to bring it all together.

It seems as though the Lego movie has inspired something of a phenomenon: Everything’s getting the Lego treatment these days, from 50 Shades of Grey to Star Wars and even Doctor Who.

Well, if the brick clicks…

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