First look at Colin Morgan in Channel 4’s Humans

The actor gets grungy in the upcoming sci-fi co-production with US network AMC

Blimey, Merlin’s had a rough night.


Yes, this bedraggled and bearded figure really is former boy wizard Colin Morgan in his upcoming role in sci-fi series Humans – a co-production between Channel 4 and American network AMC (the home of Mad Men and Breaking Bad). Apparently, despite the huge advances in technology the drama imagines, there still aren’t enough razors to go around.

Set in a “parallel present” to our own, Humans imagines a world where robot servants (or “synths”) are as common as the latest iPhone update – but can they be trusted, or is there more going on beneath their placid surface?

The series examines this question over a number of storylines including a woman unsettled by the synth her husband impulsively bought and a policeman specialising in synth-related crime – but currently Morgan’s storyline and character are being kept under wraps.

We do know his name – Leo – and that he teams up with a synth called Max (Ivanno Jeremiah, also pictured) to try and solve a problem from his past – but apart from that Channel 4 are giving nothing away. Boo.

Other stars of the UK/US coproduction include Gemma Chan (who can be seen in character here), Katherine Parkinson, Neil Maskell and Tom Goodman-Hill, with Oscar-winning American actor William Hurt playing a role as an older man who’s become attached to his malfunctioning synth.


Humans will air on Channel 4 this summer