The magical Harry Potter TV spin-offs that must be made

From Myrtle in the Middle to Him & Hermione, Educating Rita to the Hogwarts take on Girls, here's what might happen if JK Rowling's characters got their own shows...

Spooks (The Ghosts of Hogwarts)

Peeves was brutally and unjustly deprived of his moment to shine in the Harry Potter film franchise so why shouldn’t he and his fellow ghosts get their moment in the figurative sun?


They’ve got some tales to tell too. Who wouldn’t want to watch Helena Ravenclaw (The Grey Lady) and the Bloody Baron have that long overdue screaming match? He did murder her after all. And what about Nearly Headless Nick’s little niggles about the Headless Hunt. He’s clearly got quite a few scores to settle.

It’d be simply ghastly to leave their tales untold.

Educating Rita (Rita Skeeter)

Julie Walters may have wanted to get a REAL education in the original film but it’s time we sent Rita Skeeter to finishing school.

The magical world’s morality free journalist sure could do with learning some manners so, in this reality TV series, she’d be put through her paces by the fine upstanding ladies of the Wizarding Women’s Institute. They’ll be confiscating her quick quote quill and teaching her to type, for starters.

Miss Skeeter might Hufflepuff, but they’ll send her out the Gryffindor a bonafide lady. You’d hope.

Mafalda (Mafalda Hopkirk)

Miranda has gone and left us but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for another wild and wacky woman on our TV screens now, does it? And who better to take her place than Mafalda Hopkirk, the witch who never really got broom to breathe in the Potter series.

Just IMAGINE the wild assortment of weird scenarios the prim and proper witch from the Improper Use of Magic Office could find herself in on a daily basis. From run-ins with evil Runcorn to slip-ups with Kingsley Shacklebolt and marvelously madcap shopping trips to Madam Malkin’s, she’d have to Raveclaw her way out of many a sticky situation.

Such fun!


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