The magical Harry Potter TV spin-offs that must be made

From Myrtle in the Middle to Him & Hermione, Educating Rita to the Hogwarts take on Girls, here's what might happen if JK Rowling's characters got their own shows...

Slytherins (Slytherin House)

What happens in the dungeons stays in the dungeons. That’s the REAL motto of Slytherin house, where they brew some very interesting potions and cook up some rather curious schemes.


We’ve spent years watching them leering from their table in the Great Hall but now, for the first time, we finally head down to those dark dungeons to learn what lies (telling tales is their forte, is it not?) beneath. Not long after we slither in, we learn that Tony and the cast of Skins ain’t got nothin’ on this lot.

Malfoy and co know where the fiendish fun begins and they won’t stop until they’ve made more Hogwarts history than you could ever learn from Professor Binns.

Him & Hermione (Ron and Hermione)

JK Rowling may have said she regrets marrying them off to each other but we think Ron and Hermione are a winning combination. In fact, they’re worthy of their very own sitcom.

Imagine this: before they’re married, Ron and Hermione must navigate the murky wizarding waters of their late teens and early twenties. They fight, they row, the break up every now and again, but it’s Weasly to see that they’re a magical match made in Hogwarts heaven.

A new role liaising with muggles leads the pair to the real world, where they fall into some rather strange habits and get just a tad lazy. A bit like Steve and Becky from Him & Her really. Can they keep the magic alive?

Well, with Hermione on the case any mischief will surely be managed… right?

My Mad Fatal Diary (Ginny Weasley/Tom Riddle)

Poor Ginny Weasley just can’t catch a break. It’s her first year at Hogwarts and her beloved heartthrob Harry Potter STILL doesn’t know she exists. What’s a wizarding girl to do?

Write it all down in her dear diary of course. Except Ginny’s diary is a little different to all the others. It’s got a name. And a voice. And it keeps her deepest darkest secrets close to it’s heart. That Tom Marvolo Riddle is such a nice imaginary chap, isn’t he Ginny?

My Mad Fatal diary follows Ginny and Tom as they set about creating their very own Chamber of teenage Secrets. From sleepovers with the Slytherins to a spot of chicken strangling, there’s no magical murderous escapade that the pair don’t happily reminisce about. 


But what happens when Tom decides it’s high time that Ginny flipped more than just the page?