The magical Harry Potter TV spin-offs that must be made

From Myrtle in the Middle to Him & Hermione, Educating Rita to the Hogwarts take on Girls, here's what might happen if JK Rowling's characters got their own shows...

Cat-astrophe (Mrs Norris)

She’s small. She’s fierce. She’s been PETrified on more than one occasion. And yet we’d wager that Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch has no clue what Mrs Norris gets up to.


The feisty feline may have proved a pesky foe for Harry and co but if you clapped a camera on her collar her story would be just as interesting as Potter’s seven book saga. From those secret cat naps in the corridors to a feline feast in the Room of Requirement, and perhaps even a rendezvous behind furry enemy lines with Hermione’s beloved Crookshanks, Cat-astrophe would expose dear old Mrs Norris, Hogwarts and all.

Get a camera for her collar and watch her go. The Secret Life of Cats would pale in comparison. 

Myrtle in the Middle (Moaning Myrtle)

Destined to wallow in the u-bend for the rest of her days, this weepy witch won’t rest until she’s haunted half the men of Hogwarts, putting herself smack bang in the middle of all their affairs. Well, being petrified by a basilisk is bound to leave you feeling a bit bitter…

True to form, Myrtle’s very own TV-spinoff would allow us to watch in mild terror as she torments any wizard who crosses her path. Heaven help the next hopeless soul who leaves the seat up in her beloved lavatory or, even worse, forgets to flush.

Oh and as for the living breathing ladies who stand in her non-corporeal way: Myrtle doesn’t exactly hold back when letting them know who’s top witch.

McGonagall (Minerva McGonagall)

MacGyver may have been a top agent for the Phoenix Foundation but Minerva McGonagall is one of the Order of The Phoenix’s finest and her origin story sure would make for one super spin-off.

In McGonagall we learn that the usually strait-laced and severe Minerva wasn’t always so prim and proper. In fact, the Animgaus was a swinging cat back in her day, until a mysterious and tragic event catnipped her wild behaviour in the bud.


Watch as she gets up to all kinds of trouble, fighting off threats and batting away the affection of household pets. There’s even room for a Mrs Norris Cat-astrophe crossover. How on earth could you say no?