Emmerdale spoilers: Gemma Atkinson on why Carly Hope is “the Del Boy of the Dales”

Bob's daughter is to create quite a stir when she arrives in the village next week

Next week is a big one for Bob Hope as his daughter Carly turns up unexpectedly in the village – in a wedding dress!


“It’s nice to have a grand entrance,” says actress and former Hollyoaks star Gemma Atkinson.  “The only trouble is that it was freezing in that dress. When we were filming, it was snowing. So I actually had my jogging bottoms on underneath the dress and some old boots!”

As for Carly, it turns out that she’s onto engagement number five and that she’s only known for fiancé for a matter of months. It’s a set of circumstances that makes the much-married Bob highly suspicious of Carly’s nuptials.

“Bob tells her not to make the same mistakes as him,” continues Atkinson. “But this annoys Carly because she feels he has no right to lecture her on anything because he’s not been in her life. However, Carly does have second thoughts about the wedding, all of which means that she has nowhere else to go other than Bob’s. And she does end up bringing a lot of trouble with her.”

And by trouble, Atkinson is referring to Carly’s wheeler-dealer antics, which see her raising a few eyebrows.

“She’s the Del Boy of the Dales,” laughs the actress. “She sells goods out of the back of a van. Perfume that’s not really perfume – that sort of stuff. The scripts are very comical, but there are serious elements too. One week people will feel sorry for her, then they’ll hate her, and then they’ll think she’s quite nice. Hopefully, there will be a rollercoaster of reactions from the audience.”

And it seems that the villagers will also be experiencing a mixture of emotions when it comes to Carly, especially when those closest to Bob. “Well, Carly does have some good scenes with Brenda. She’s very ignorant and keeps calling her Wendy. She’s not got a lot of time for her.

“Carly does have a very bitchy streak. But it all stems from her being so hurt and neglected and from feeling lonely. She’s angry with a lot of people, but mainly her dad. So she takes it out on everyone who’s close to him.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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