Una Stubbs has never watched a single episode of Sherlock

Stubbs may star in the globally-renowned, record-breaking detective drama but it turns out she's never actually watched it...


Una Stubbs stars in one of BBC1’s most successful drama series. She plays put-upon landlady Mrs Hudson in Sherlock, alongside Hollywood A-listers Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. 


Sherlock is shown in over 200 territories. It’s been translated into countless languages. And when the last series aired on BBC1, it broke broadcasting records. Everyone watches it. Well, almost everyone…

Because it turns out that Ms Stubbs herself has never seen so much as an episode of Sherlock… 

“No. Oh no,” says Stubbs, telling RadioTimes.com she never watches herself back on TV. “Maybe years later if somebody says, ‘It’s fine. Absolutely fine. Watch it’. Then I might do. But not when it comes out? Oh no.” 

So you’ve never watched Sherlock, we ask again, open-mouthed?


Not a single episode? 

“No. Sometimes they show a little clip so I’ve see little bits of it…”

Aren’t you tempted to see why everyone loves it so much? we ask. 

“Yes. I should [watch it] but I find it really difficult. If you’re not happy with yourself there’s nothing you can do. It’s too late,” she says, adding: “I’m very critical.” 


Una Stubbs also stars in this Sunday’s equally popular Call the Midwife, at 8:00pm on BBC1. Although, obviously she’s one person who won’t be tuning in…