House of Cards Series 3 Review: Chapter 33

Series 3 episode 7 – is Frank Underwood a Time Lord?


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Flashforward! Know how we know? Claire has different hair and, according to the rules of television, this can only happen when the audience isn’t watching. See also: moustaches and first trimester pregnancy.

The fact the Underwoods are renewing their vows shows they resolved their apocalyptic tiff from the last episode, but it certainly wasn’t easy. At one point they pose for a couple’s portrait so awkward, it will actually look happier the closer they get to divorce.

Nevertheless, they realise that the only way they can strong arm Israel into abiding by their deal is through teamwork, a rare but effective technique in couples therapy. 

Generally, there’s a sense of trying to get back to a lost…innocence isn’t the right word when it comes to the Underwoods, but certainly better times in the past. Claire brunette style is the way she wore it when they first met. Francis has his jacket cut slightly too long on the arms, so he looks like a nephew at a christening.

Then there’s his nostalgic tour around the old hometown of Gaffney, reminiscing about his thieving mother. The town is now a massive quarry and, in his cream suit, Frank looks vaguely like Peter Davison in Doctor Who. Gaffney…Gallifrey…here’s a crossover we would like to see.

Touching as Claire and Frank’s reconciliation may be, it is a tad disappointing after the last episode. The Underwoods at war would have been fun to watch. Their genuine warmth stands in contrast to Frank’s plans for the country. He may not urinate on FDR’s memorial, but he doesn’t have to. In dismantling social security he call an end to Roosevelt’s Golden Age.

Meanwhile, in the Doug/Rachel storyline we’ve all been trying to ignore: his superhacker friend –who apparently has taken a sabbatical from enforced servitude at the FBI– finds a grainy CCTV image. Doug recognises the face, but it has been a long time since he last saw her.

Know how we know?

“Her hair is different…”

The Quotable Underwood

“We don’t fight often, but this one…scabs keep coming off.”

“The heart doesn’t beat with the strength it once did.”

“When something works, it works, and America Works works.”


“That’s not going in the book.”