Wouldn’t It Be Nice if there was a new Beach Boys biopic trailer…

Love & Mercy will chart the artistic highs and lows of legendary frontman Brian Wilson, played by Paul Dano and John Cusack


If you like your biopics of tortured musical geniuses with some nice sandy beaches and sunshine then Don’t Worry Baby, we might just have the movie for you – Love & Mercy, which charts the life of Beach Boys frontman Brian Wilson and just released its first trailer. Wouldn’t It Be Nice if you could just watch it below?


Charting Williams’ life and career from young Paul Dano-starring optimism to jaded John Cusack-y stagnation, the film wowed critics at the Toronto film festival last year and looks set to be a thoroughly non-traditional biopic in keeping with Wilson’s avant-garde musical style. It’s gonna be Fun, Fun, Fun.

Then again, so long as it retained the Beach Boys soundtrack it could just be footage of crabs and it would still be one of the more enjoyable offerings to hit the cinemas this year – those are some Good Vibrations.

OK, I’ll stop now – otherwise we’ll be here All Summer Long.


Love and Mercy will be released in June 2015