5 things kids will be asking their parents for thanks to the new Frozen short

Alert: there's a new dress and a new song and more snowmen and... oh god...


Frozen fever is no longer simply the illness your children (or you) have been suffering from since watching the original film (like, 900 times). Frozen Fever is an actual thing. Yep, it’s a new short coming to cinemas on March 13th – but only when you go to watch the new live action Disney Cinderella film (cunning). 


That means kids are going to want things. Frozen things. Here’s what the trailer has warned (sorry, got us excited) about…

An actual Frozen cake

It’s Anna’s birthday in this new short, and like hundreds of little kids since the first film came out, she’s getting a Frozen cake. But this isn’t just any Frozen cake. No one’s nipped out to Tesco and bought a jam sponge with seven inches of icing that looks a bit like the characters. This is an immaculately crafted work of art with an actual ice sculpture on top. Little Suzie’s birthday around the corner? Panic.

The new soundtrack

Have your ears just stopped bleeding from Let It Go on repeat? Have you just about managed to sneak the CD out of the car and turned on a soothing bit of Radio 4? Enjoy it while it lasts. There are new songs coming. ‘We’re making today a perfect day, making today a perfect day…’ oh god it’s actually quite catchy. Run, run while you can. 

Cinderella at the cinema

You might have possibly fancied a trip to see the new live action Cinderella. Perhaps hoped you’d get away with waiting until it was on DVD, or streaming on Netflix. But now you’re absolutely going to have to see it at the cinema so that kids can see this Frozen short, which is handily (for the box office) playing just before it. Don’t forget the popcorn, the themed cups, the outfits, the… oh good grief. Go on holiday to Norway, it’s probably cheaper. 

A hundred tiny snowmen

It looks like Anna has some new friends in the form of teeny tiny Snowmen. They kind of look like two cotton wool balls stacked on top of each other, so guess where your stash is going? Yep, all around the house. Probably covered in glitter. Good luck next time you want to take some nail varnish off…


A new Frozen dress

It’s like Groundhog Day. You probably spent hours, HOURS, searching shops for a Frozen dress for Christmas. It had to be the blue, sparkly one that had sold out everywhere apart from a few chancers online trying to shift it for the equivalent of your monthly mortgage payments. Now there’s a new green one. A green one with flowers, and glitter and a train… anyone good on a sewing machine. Anyone?!