Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne once waited tables at the British Soap Awards

The Theory of Everything star was serving champagne to rowdy Hollyoaks stars not that long ago...

Eddie Redmayne is now the incredibly proud owner of an Oscar statuette. 


The 33-year-old British actor picked up the prestigious prize at Sunday’s awards ceremony for his role as Professor Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. 

Redmayne literally squealed during his acceptance speech, saying: “I don’t think I’m capable of articulating quite how I feel right now. Please know this, I am fully aware that I am a lucky, lucky man.”

But he hasn’t always been so lucky. In fact, just a few years ago he was serving champagne to rowdy soap stars as they waited to find out if they’d won a British Soap Award. 

“I worked as a waiter at the British Soap Awards for the BBC,” Redmayne revealed to The Independent when asked about his worst job ever. “They feed all these soap stars with alcohol and then put them in the studio for the awards so they’re more rowdy and it makes for better television.”

“As a waiter, I had to stand there with a tray waiting for them to put their empties on before going in. I remember this whole group of actors from Hollyoaks piling on with loads of champagne glasses and it being full, and one of them saying ‘Guys, guys, watch this! I’m going to put one more on, I’m going to put one more on…’ And I was thinking, ‘No, please don’t put another…’ and them smashing everywhere. All these Hollyoaks actors were in hysterics and I was like, ‘You b*****ds!'”


We bet those Hollyoaks stars are kicking themselves for not being nicer to the now Hollywood star, and that Redmayne was super-polite to the waiting staff at the Oscars.