Doctor Who’s top ten action-packed stunts

From swords fights to falling from space, we count down the most exhilarating thrills and spills from 10-1…

3. “Permission to squee!” (Death in Heaven)


Clearly having enjoyed his fall to his doom in The End of Time, Death in Heaven sees Missy infiltrate UNIT’s airplane, eventually forcing the Doctor to go the full James Bond again: leaping from the airplane and landing into his perfectly placed Tardis, with even Missy’s devilish assistant not being able to help but ‘squee’ at the spectacle.

2. Seven years bad luck (The Girl in the Fireplace)


We’d all do a few stupid things to impress someone we fancied, but for the Doctor, this involved a little more than simply owning a few cool band posters. For the Doctor and his doomed Madame DePompadour, the Time Lord crashes through a mirror in spectacular fashion to rescue her from the clockwork droids. If that wasn’t enough – he was on a horse whilst doing it. Not to mention that he was David Tennant all at the same time. Is there any hope for the rest of us?