Doctor Who’s top ten action-packed stunts

From swords fights to falling from space, we count down the most exhilarating thrills and spills from 10-1…

5. Tardis vs taxi (The Runaway Bride)


There’s nothing worse than awkward small-talk with a taxi driver, so feel sorry for Donna Noble, when she accidentally steps in a cab driven by a murderous Robot Santa on the way to her wedding – as you do. Thankfully, the Doctor manages to pull some strings (and he literally does pull some strings) to tail the taxi with his Tardis to rescue her. Take that, Mission Impossible.

4. Smashing the glass ceiling (The End of Time, Part 2)


Desperate times called for desperate measures in The End of Time Part 2. With the Master once again hell-bent on taking over the planet, the Doctor takes Wilf’s gun, jumps head-first out of a spaceship, and hurtles straight through a glass ceiling in a breathtaking sequence before falling straight into the hands of his old nemesis, and the old Time Lord elite.